Wellness Manager

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Wellness Manager for Nutrition Stripped

Please do not apply if you're currently not a practicing Registered and Licensed Dietitian with at least 2 years experience.

We're excited to offer this first-time opportunity! Is one of your missions to help others? If you can’t get enough of nutrition research (and making it simple to teach to others), coaching people 1-1, helping others achieve goals, growing your client base — and practice living a healthy lifestyle at your core — then this role is for you.

You will play a pivotal role in leading the Nutrition Coaching Practice by Nutrition Stripped. You will see the entire client journey through from outreach to achievement — responsible for coaching people in need of nutrition services 1-1 utilizing the core values and mission of Nutrition Stripped.

This is an opportunity for you to make a tangible impact and meaningful contribution to other peoples lives by teaching them the importance of healthy eating, healthy relationship with food, and habit change (behavioral psychology) — while building a health and wellness start-up aimed at helping millions feel their best (and learn a ton while doing it!). We're not a fortune 500 company yet, but we operate with the mindset of it — meaning showing up fully to meet the high standards and expectations I set for myself as the founder.

Who You Are

You’re a A-player — we only have A-players join our team. What’s the difference between an A-player and a B-player? A B-player does what he or she is told, does it well, and does it on time. If something unexpected happens, however, the B-player comes back and asks, “What do you want me to do now?”

In contrast, an A-player solves any unexpected problems that pop up in the course of achieving the results you desire and tells you about it after the fact. Or if an A-player comes to you with a problem, they’ll come with a recommended solution too. In other words, B-players focus on getting activities done, A-players focus on getting results done and they do this autonomously.

Who You Are, Core Attributes

Basically, you'll do amazing at NS because you...

OKR’s and Objectives For Your Role

To be discussed during the interview process, subject to evolve.


What You’ll Do…


As a small startup, we're proud to offer some amazing things to take care our team...

This position is open until filled (no deadline), at which time this listing will be removed. All your information will be kept confidential. Final candidate will need to agree to a background check. I will not accept resumes or cover letters sent via email without filling out the application. If you are selected for the interview process you will be contacted only.

*for full time positions only

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